IM Coating Technology for aquatic animals.


Farm-raised fish and other aquaculture can greatly benefit from KTG’s IM coating technology. Choose from lysine or methionine coated products, both of which offer proven benefits such as slow release in the digestive tract, reduced dissolution in water, suitable granule size and effective fluidity and stability. Additional benefits include a balance of amino acids in feeds, reduced water pollution, increased feed efficiency and an overall reduction in costs.

We also offer LipidMate for aquaculture, a compound emulsifier formulated with high and low HLB components to scatter lipid into oil drops to increase surface area, and to maintain a stable system. LipidMate optimizes use of protein, increases nutrient availability, enhances absorption of lipid-soluble vitamins and medicines. It also increases feed palatability, quality and intake, resulting in economic benefits for aquaculture operations.

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LipidMate™ – Multi-species