IM Coating Technology for poultry.


KTG offers a number of proven products featuring the patented Intelligent Microcapsule™ (IM) coating technology for improved nutrient delivery in poultry. Choose from coated sodium butyrates, calcium butyrate or cysteamine hydrochloride. Multiple benefits include the blocking of offensive odors, resistance to decomposition in the stomach and gradual release of ingredients in the small intestine.

IM coating technology improves GIT development and digestive-absorptive function of the small intestine, increases feed efficiency, maintains balance of intestinal microorganisms and does not affect feed intake.

We also offer LipidMate for poultry, a compound emulsifier formulated with high and low HLB components to scatter lipid into oil drops to increase surface area, and to maintain a stable system. LipidMate optimizes use of protein, increases nutrient availability, enhances absorption of lipid-soluble vitamins and medicines. It also increases feed palatability, quality and intake, resulting in economic benefits for poultry operations.

All area applicable for broilers, breeders and layers.

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CM3000 PLUS – Poultry