IM Coating Technology for ruminants.


IM-MET™ IM-LYSR™ and IM-CHOL™ formulations all feature patented Intelligent Microcapsule™ (IM) coating technology for high bypass and bioavailability in ruminants.

This exclusive technology offers maximum stability of methionine, lysine and choline chloride by protecting them from heat, humidity, light and interaction with other ingredients. The product resists degradation in the rumen, releases at the optimum rate, maximizes metabolizable ingredients and complements microbial protein production.

Rumen bypass rates in both dairy and beef cattle have been shown to be enhanced by a slow intestinal release rate. This allows nutritionists to balance rations with greater predictability while feeding for improved feed efficiency, nitrogen utilization and milk production.

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IM-CHOL™ – Ruminant

IM-LYSR™ – Ruminant

IM-MET™ – Ruminant